Hi, I'm Robin

a freelance developer of all things internet, across multiple industries since 2010. Alongside, I run a small development boutique, named The Webstronauts, from within garage.

As a freelance developer, I help startups and organisations to develop and improve their digital products and services. Because of my creative background and many years of experience, I not only manage to develop exceptionally stable applications, but to also help to make these user-friendly, accessible and visually appealing for all kind of users.

Since 2016 I am mainly active as a freelancer within the role of technical lead, lead developer or consultant. And I have had the opportunity to work with many great teams and technologies. I enjoy working with others who - like myself - dare to put their shoulders to the wheel of the unknown, have an eye for detail but are realistic with regard to schedules and deadlines.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a role available that can connect to this. I can also give you good advice on how to tackle your idea, startup or project on a technical level.

Experience with

  • advise on technical feasibility of ideas and products
  • designing and building (new) websites and apps
  • a backend for demanding APIs (Laravel, Elixir, Node.js or Ruby on Rails)
  • a modern and solid frontend architecture (React, Vue or vanilla)
  • frontend tooling to merge and optimize HTML, JavaScript and CSS (Webpack, Rollup or PostCSS)
  • deploy to production (Docker, CI or Kubernetes)
  • working together through methodologies (Agile or SCRUM)
  • contributing to own and others open-source projects (Github)

You can also find an overview of my knowledge and experience on LinkedIn. I am always open to new connections.