to keep track of what I've been up to recently, as well as a blog, a scrapbook, and a bit of a playground for pulling in data from a few services I use.


  1. Use previous value through a React hook


  1. How to use Vim on Linux and macOS
  2. How to capitalize strings in JavaScript
  3. How to use React Context
  4. Trap focus in a React component
  5. Scroll a React component into view
  6. A package for presenting person names


  1. Going epic with Redux Observable tests
  2. How I started thinking about my styles


  1. JavaScript rendering in PHP with Lambda


  1. Handle authenticated users in Behat/Mink
  2. Running Hapi with Passenger on Heroku


  1. How I use environment variables with NodeJS
  2. Rendering templates from a Twig extension
  3. A spelling and grammar checker for Node


  1. Running Symfony on Heroku
  2. Install the INTL PHP extension in MAMP
  3. Mock Guzzle responses in Symfony tests
  4. Masking Content In Drupal


  1. Using Drush in a MAMP environment
  2. Install Mongo extension in MAMP with PECL
  3. From A till Z in PHP
  4. Upgrade MAMP's phpMyAdmin
  5. Remove Drupal stylesheets with hook_css_alter
  6. Add your own styles to Drupals WYSIWYG module
  7. Configure multiple Wordpress environments