A spelling and grammar checker for Node


When you need to write in a foreign language, you'll probably use Google Translate. An awesome service that does a great job for translating individual words. But what about the grammar of a sentence? Like for example 'Edwards will be sck yesterday'. It will corrects 'sck' to 'sick', but it doesn't correct 'will be' to 'was'. Thankfully there are some other services for that and I created a Node wrapper for one of them. Say hello to Gingerbread.

Gingerbread uses the excellent free API from Ginger and is based on the gingerice gem. You can install it as CLI executable or use it in your Node scripts. Install the library with the following command through NPM;

$ npm install gingerbread

To install it as global executable, append -g to the above command. Then in your scripts, use the library like this;

var gingerbread = require('gingerbread')
'The smelt of fliwers bring back memories.',
/** options to override **/
function (error, text, result, corrections) {
// result contains 'The smell of flowers brings back memories.'

See the README for more usage information or report any issues here.